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Seth Howard: Why I’m running for Delegate in District 30B

Seth Howard: Why I’m running for Delegate in District 30B

I am grateful to the voters of District 30B for electing me as their State Delegate for a second term. Representing you has been the honor of my life.

When I was elected in 2014, I heard from constituents who were planning to leave Maryland because of the high tax burden and anti-business environment. Many others felt that South County had been forgotten—no more.

In these polarized times, it is easy to think of the other party as the enemy. The reality I have found, however, is different. Whether democrat or republican, we share many of the same goals: end the opioid epidemic; improve our schools; increase teacher pay; strengthen the economy; protect our environment and keep more money in our constituent’s pockets.

As Republicans and Democrats we certainly have different philosophical approaches to attaining those goals. But we are not enemies.

Some may think that freshmen Delegates are expected to be seen and not heard. But that’s not why you elected me. So I spoke up, and found opportunities to make a positive impact for you.  Since being elected, 76 bills I have sponsored or co-sponsored have become law.

I am proud to have worked across the aisle to pass landmark bipartisan legislation to combat the opioid crisis, this legislation will help ensure a more speedy and successful recovery for drug users who are seeking help and want to return to being a productive member of society.

I believe our children are our future heritage, that’s why I was honored to support the “Fix the Fund Act,” which ensures that revenues from casinos will go directly into our classrooms and give our teachers much deserved pay raises.

As your Delegate I have fought for investments in our local infrastructure to enhance your quality of life, to include major road improvements and complete resurfacing of Rt-408, Rt-261, Rt-2; a major resurfacing on Rt-258; and resurfacing on Rt-256.

Our waterways are the lifeblood of South County, that’s why I was delighted to work directly with Governor Hogan, The Army Corp of Engineers, the Maritime Association, Maryland Department of Environment and many other State Agencies to secure funding for five major dredging operations in our South County Waterways. Some of these projects- like Parkers Creek -have been completed while more projects will be completed in FY19.

But there is still much to do.  As your delegate I will continue to sponsor legislation to eliminate state taxes on retirement income so our seniors can stay in the homes and communities they built, continue to fight the opioid epidemic, ensure our classrooms are safe and protect the rural nature and beauty of South County. To do anything else would be a U-turn from the positive direction our citizens demand.

I am humbled and honored by your confidence in me to represent you in Annapolis.

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