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Opioid Epidemic

Far too many of our friends, neighbors and family members have been taken from us by this scourge.

That is why I have sponsored bills like HB 869 which has become law- This legislation requires the Department of Health, for the first time in this state’s history, to provide a publicly available list of state certified and accredited treatment centers for substance abusers. This will help them and their families make an informed decision on the resources they can utilize to help ensure a full and speedy recovery.

I believe that, together, we can end this plaque on our communities!

Health Care

The current health care system is too expensive for our community and needs to be overhauled.


I will fight to reduce the burden of government on our local business owners.


Our state and local elected officials must focus on efficiency and effectiveness when spending our tax dollars.


There must be a balanced and responsible approach to the improvement and management of our environment.


Our children are our future heritage.


The administration must stop removing revenue sources from the transportation fund to help balance the budget.

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